Our Philosophy


We’re a community firm, with local roots and history...



The entire design and creative purpose behind this logo properly echoes the message that HPJS wants to portray in the marketplace: we’re a community firm, with local roots and history, but not to be viewed as just a local company with local capabilities. The firm wants to be known for results, effective financial resource management, the go-to for more than just tax services, and the first choice. Effectively servicing a wide range of clientele and constantly looking to add more opportunities to the mix, HPJS needed a brand identity that reflects all of this in a bold, yet inviting image.

We’ve modernized and reshaped the brand elements in an attractive, effective, trusting image and font style, which evolves the brand not only for today but for tomorrow and beyond. This is a brand that stands for stability and professionalism and one that you (and your client) are proud to be associated with.

Anatomy of the Logo

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For more information about our Services

For more information about our Services